School and Open Campus Security LockDown

Dial@LockDown is a school and open campus emergency lockdown notification system.

Communify is a fast and quick way to get your notifications out. Simple and efficient.
Inas Azzam
CIO of Communify
What is
Communify is a mass message web, mobile and VOIP handset application capable of sending out notifications to thousands of recipients in one blast.
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Messages Delivered
We can deliver your business SMS, Voice, Email and voice broadcast messages efficiently and fast.
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Safety Products
Communify has developed a special product to make notifying our community easy and quick in case of emergencies.
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Dial@LockDown is specifically designed for schools and open campuses with easy to use Apps and devices.
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Easy Trigger
We have made notifications even faster with pre designed notifications buttons. Just enter your pin and send.
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URL Triggers
Safe and secured URL triggers can be added to any Mobile or Web apps. Just create the trigger and it's URL. The rest is done through Communify.
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Easy Contacts
Adding contacts to Communify is done one at a time, multiple entry or imported from file. Need more, try our SQL import tool
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Phone Validator
Use our phone validator feature to verify your list's. We will automatically separate the landlines from the mobiles and import them accordingly.
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